All members of the MSA are automatically members of LGHPES. LGHPES is an incorporated entity set up to manage the funds assigned to our MSA from the Doctors of BC that were negotiated for Facility Engagement in the last Physician Master Agreement. Meetings of the LGHPES are held on a monthly basis and also in conjunction with MSA quarterly meetings, or ad hoc with appropriate notice.

The primary goal of the LGH Physician Engagement Society initiative is to:

  • Build relationships and strengthen the MSA
  • Engage in respectful dialogue to build trust between MSA and health authority leadership
  • Work with health authority leadership to identify communication platforms and channels and address and important issues
  • Create a process for identification and prioritization of issues and strategize based on identified priorities

LGHPES Executive 2024-2025:

  • Dr. Richard Nadeau, MSA President
  • Dr. Brighid Cassidy, MSA Vice President
  • Dr. Stephen Kaye, Treasurer